Check It Out!

I'm truly excited to share with you the ton of music that I have been sitting on for so long. (It's literally 2000 pounds). The more support we get from this project, the more selections will be available every week. I look forward to hearing comments from YOU and the songs YOU would like to see available. Thank you for your support.

Selections will include:

Never before heard original studio recorded songs
Live gems from the archives
Versions of songs recorded as recent as last night's show

There will be cover songs and sing-a-longs from the solo shows as well
as from all the bands and projects that you may or may not have seen
or heard - new takes and outtakes. At least one different song to
download every week with bonus and free selections as well. AND the
new solo, original, studio record "ODD" will be released one song at a
time, in order as it is intended to be heard, (before the physical copies
will be available). So join Keller as he attempts to keep up with the
Joneses and explore the media of choice of this generation's music
buying public.